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Cable-in-Conduit (CIC)

What is

Cable-in-Conduit (CIC) is HDPE conduit tailored to your project specs with preinstalled cables of your choice. This integrated system streamlines power and communications projects, boosting efficiency and ensuring maximum cable protection.

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Why is Cable-in-Conduit Essential?

Power utility contractors know that cable safety is a top priority. As the demand for electrical energy surges, CIC protects cable while helping to reduce installation time.

Key Benefits of Cable-in-Conduit:

CIC safeguards your cables, helping to minimize maintenance.

Specifically designed to meet the construction needs of power utility projects.

Customizable preinstalled cables for varied applications. You select the cable; we install it in our HDPE conduit.

CIC fits all construction methods, from trenching to HDD drilling, meeting power utility construction needs.

Fill Calculators

These tools empower contractors, electricians and engineers to input the desired HDPE conduit size along with the number and sizes of cables to determine compliance with regulatory requirements.

Single Size Fill Calculator

For CIC configurations involving up to 12 cables of the same size.

Multi Size Fill Calculator

For CIC configurations involving up to 4 cables of varying sizes.

This information is intended to be used as a general guide. To ensure you select the best product for your requirements, and for in-depth support before, during, and after your installation, we recommend consulting with your Atkore sales representative. Note that Atkore assumes no responsibility for any damages that may arise from using these calculations in real-world installations.

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Minimum order length is based on pipe diameter.  Please consult our Minimum Order Quantities guide before requesting a quote.

Atkore HDPE Cable-in-Conduit Technical Highlights

  • Conduit Markings: Permanent and customizable markings on each HDPE conduit.
  • Specifications: Manufactured to meet or exceed top standards like ASTM F-2160, ASTM D-3350, and more.
  • UV Protection: Choose between standard and advanced UV protection packages.
  • Color Varieties: Options from shades like orange, black, to grey, and more.
  • Applications: Ideally suited for power and communications projects, with compatibility across varied installation techniques.
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Dive deeper with our CIC Technical Guide

Explore HDPE Cable-in-Conduit for your next power utility project. Learn more about CIC applications, sizing and color specifications, and more by downloading our guide.

Atkore’s Commitment to Power Utilities

Atkore is forging a future where our brands, suppliers, employees, customers, partners, and communities are building better together. In an era of skyrocketing energy demands, we lead with an unmatched understanding of power generation and transmission dynamics. Our products are frontrunners in the energy industry, blending efficiency and safety.

As a global manufacturer with facilities located around the world, we offer top products for power utility distributors and contractors. Beyond products, we guide you to the right choices. Together, we work to power the world safely.

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