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Plastic pipe is one of the most commonly used products for transporting oil and gas in the energy market. Polyethylene pipe is used to transmit natural gas for cities and municipalities, transmit oil and natural gas from well sites to sales lines and in cross-country transmission lines. UPS Stream-Line products can be used both onsite at oil and gas wells and for oil and gas transmission. UPS offers polyethylene coil and reel options in multiple lengths to easily facilitate shipping and installation of long lengths of pipe required for oil and gas projects.

The Stream-Line product suite supports the energy market. Products in the Stream-Line suite include high-density D2513 pipe for pressurized gas transmission, F2619 oil and gas gathering and transmission pipe, Hard-Line™ for high-pressure, high-corrosive and heavy wall applications, MDPE for medium-pressure gas transmission, PA-12 for regulated gas transmission and Sleeve-It! ™ for gas line protection.

  • High-density (HDPE) gas pipe (D2513)

  • Oil and gas gathering pipe (F2619)

  • Hard-line

  • MDPE for medium-pressure gas transmission

  • PA-12 for regulated gas transmission

  • Sleeve-It!

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