Atkore Micro-Path™ Microduct Piping System

What is Micro-Path ™?

Micro-Path™ is Atkore’s exclusive Microduct piping system, designed to provide a full range of cost-effective solutions to meet today’s micro-cabling and microducting needs. Utilizing the latest improvements in conduit manufacturing, Micro-Path™ is a versatile option for new project installations, or upgrading or replacing aging communications infrastructure across industries, from residential to corporate.


Build Future Pathways for Connectivity

As traditional cabling products require expensive updates to meet modern advancements in communications technology, Micro-Path™ offers new and economical options in microduct piping.

Key Benefits of Microduct Piping

One installation cost applies toward multiple pathways, and no special tools or equipment are needed for installation. This reduces construction and labor costs, and speeds up deployment and installation time, blowing up to 325 feet per minute. In addition to saving on additional materials like vaults and closures, microduct piping also allows for longer installation distances—up to 6,600 feet.

Extra ducts can be installed and left open, allowing pathways for future expansion and providing a scalable solution that reduces expansion costs. Microduct is also ideal for new installations in tight or constricted areas where traditional cabling leaves little room for expansion.

Atkore offers sizing from 2,5/8 mm to 18/14 mm, single to 12-way configurations, as well as Aerial and Low Fire Hazard options.

16-12 12-8

Micro-Path 0.629 in/0.472 in, 16 mm/12 mm (more configurations and sizes available)

Select the Right Micro-Path™ for your Project

Parts Configurator

Fiber Fill Calculator

The Fiber Fill Calculator is a resource for choosing microduct products compatible with your fiber optic cable.

The Fiber Fill Calculator operates on the assumed optimal fill ratio range of 50-80% for effectively jetting microcable into microduct. Please note that while this is an important factor, it's important to consider other variables when planning your installation.

This information is intended to be used as a general guide. To ensure you select the best product for your requirements, and for in-depth support before, during, and after your installation, we recommend consulting with your Atkore sales representative. Note that Atkore assumes no responsibility for any damages that may arise from using these calculations in real-world installations.

Numerous Styles and Sizes Available

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Microtrenching with Micro-Path™

Micro-Path™ is ideal for use in microtrenching, an innovative cabling installation process that helps minimize traffic disruption, provide higher bandwidth to broadband customers, and save you time, materials, and overall project costs. Our flat and link ducts come in a variety of sizes, so you can customize to find the perfect fit for your microtrenching project needs.

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Atkore Micro-Path™ Microduct Piping System Applications

Micro-Path™ offers a wide range of applications for its micro-cabling system, no matter the industry or sector your project is supporting.

  • Utility: System monitoring and controlling, networked data communication.
  • Broadband Network: Installing Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), Fiber-to-the-business (FTTB), and Fiber to the X (FTTX) or multiple destinations for providers of high-speed service.
  • Hospitals:Securing hospital networks to stay up-to-date with advances in medical technology, limiting staff and patient disruptions.
  • Education: Adapting new communication technologies for campus environments, allowing greater interaction between outside organizations for connectivity, collaboration, and supporting distance learning.
  • Residential: Installing home fiber systems to provide high-speed internet service from developers and allow for future upgrades.
  • Government: Quickly installing, adding, and changing fiber to enable segmented and secure networks within the same microduct configuration.

Discover Our Full Micro-Path™ Product Offering

Ready to learn more about the technical aspects of our innovative microduct system? Download our Micro-Path™ guide to explore further here.

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