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Build connection and resilience with Atkore’s telecommunication solutions.

Communities depend upon broadband to be fully connected. The basis of every connected community in the 21st century is buried Fiber to the Home that is protected by HDPE conduit. No other installation method is as robust and will assure you have a reliable connection for decades. 2022 was a record-setting year for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) growth. Now a historic level of government funding is making connectivity possible across every region of the US. 

Getting every community connected with reliable, high speed internet service will secure our future and allow people even in rural America to enjoy the same level of internet service.

Atkore, a publicly traded company with nationwide coverage, has been around since 1959 and helps companies meet these challenges. With our experience in manufacturing HDPE conduit and accessories, Atkore is your trusted telecom partner.

One-stop shopping for conduit and accessories: 

Atkore offers a full suite of conduit solutions for every broadband project. Our HDPE conduit, combined with our PVC and fiberglass conduit and accessories, as well as cable tray systems and many other products will complete your project. 


Customizable options to meet project specifications:

Atkore offers a wide range of customizations to meet the needs of every telecom project. These include multiple sizes and colors, ribbed or lubricated interiors, and pull tape options. Additionally, we offer multiple packaging and delivery options, including segmented reels, so you receive the conduit you need, exactly how and when you need it.


De-risk your supply chain with made-in-the-US conduit:

With a robust, dependable coast-to-coast manufacturing and distribution network, Atkore stands with you, ready to provide the conduit necessary to complete critical projects on time.  Atkore HDPE conduit is proudly manufactured in the US and is Build America, Buy America compliant.


Meet the Newest Micro Cabling Solution Across Industries

Learn more about Micro-Path™, Atkore’s latest versatile, cost-effective, and technically advanced development in microducting and micro-cabling systems. Designed to provide better solutions for updating communications infrastructure and adapting to new technologies, our exclusive fiber piping system provides a less expensive, more expansive option to traditional cabling products.

Want to see more?

Explore Atkore - United Poly Systems’ comprehensive Power and Communications Solutions

Atkore - United Poly Systems offers the Conduit Product Suite that fits for many Power and Communications related applications.


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