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Renewable energy sources are quickly becoming part of the country’s energy mix. In 2020, renewables accounted for approximately 17% of total U.S. electricity production and over 25% globally. Earth-Line™ represents UPS’ commitment to sustainable material and a sustainable future. These products are ideal for many renewables-related pipeline applications, as HDPE pipe is strong, flexible, long-lasting and can be installed using a variety of methods. UPS has extensive experience working with the premium resins needed to manufacture Earth-Line.

The Earth-Line product suite supports the renewables market. Products in the Earth-Line suite include Thermal-Line™ for geothermal applications, Wind-Line™ for wind farm infrastructure, Pro-Line™ for PVC replacement, Sewer-Line™ for reclaimed water applications and Bio-Line™ for methane capture and transmission.

  • Bio-Line

  • Pro-Line

  • Sewer-Line

  • Thermal-Line

  • Wind-Line

UPS Markets Renewables