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Water Infrastructure

HDPE pipe is the most durable and resilient material for water and water supply line applications. It will never rust, leak, or corrode and it is virtually maintenance-free. HDPE pipe is commonly used to replace aging infrastructure, like lead or asbestos cement pipe, via the pipe bursting method. UPS Water-Line™ products are available in a variety of sizes, lengths and colors. They can be installed via several methods, including non-invasive trenching and horizontal directional drilling.

The Water-Line product suite supports the water infrastructure market. Products in the Water-Line suite include Crystal-Line™ for potable and sewer water infrastructure, Base-Line™ for mining operations, Hard-Line™ for high-pressure, high-corrosive and heavy wall applications and Sewer-Line™ for municipal and industrial sewers and landfills.

  • Base-Line

  • Crystal-Line

  • Hard-Line

  • Sewer-Line

UPS Markets Water Infrastructure