Water Infastructure Solutions

United Poly Systems offers the Water-Line™ Product Suite that fits for many water infastructure related applications

HDPE pipe is the most durable and resilient material for water and water supply line applications. It will never rust, leak, or corrode and it is virtually maintenance-free. HDPE pipe is commonly used to replace aging infrastructure, like lead or asbestos cement pipe, via the pipe bursting method. Our Water-Line™ products are available in a variety of sizes, lengths and colors. They can be installed via several methods, including non-invasive trenching and horizontal directional drilling.

Products in the Water-Line suite include Base-Line™ for mining operations, Crystal-Line™ for potable and sewer water infrastructure, Hard-Line™ for high-pressure, high-corrosive and heavy wall applications and Sewer-Line™ for municipal and industrial sewers and landfills.


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Water Infastructure Market Guide

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