United Poly Systems Water-Line™ Product Suite

High quality polyethylene pressure pipe for the water infrastructure market

Product Information

HDPE pipe is the most durable and resilient piping for water and water supply line applications. The Water-Line™ product suite includes Base-Line™ for mining operations, Crystal-Line™ for potable and sewer water infrastructure,  Hard-Line™ for high-pressure, high-corrosive and heavy wall applications and Sewer-Line™ for sewage applications.


HDPE is ideal for water infrastructure applications, as it will never rust, leak, or corrode and it is virtually maintenance-free. Light weight and flexibility provide for easy installation.


We can customize each pipe's diameter, thickness, color, and more to meet your project’s needs. We package our products in sticks, coils or reels in multiple lengths to easily facilitate shipping and installation of long lengths of pipe.


Base-Line HDPE pipe is used for mining operations in the water infrastructure market. We manufacture Base-Line in IPS ¾- to 26-inch diameters and DIPS 4- to 24-inch diameters. Base-Line is made of PE4710 HDPE pressure material. It is black in color with optional striping to indicate wall thickness.


Crystal-Line Copper Tube Size (CTS) pipe is used for potable, reclaimed and sewer/wastewater transmission in the water infrastructure market. We manufacture Crystal-Line in CTS ¾- to 2-inch diameters and IPS ¾- to 6-inch diameters. Crystal-Line is made of PE4710 HDPE pressure material. It is typically solid or striped blue for potable water, solid lavender for reclaimed water and solid green for sewer water.


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Hard-Line is HDPE pipe for high pressure, high corrosive and heavy wall applications in the energy and water infrastructure markets. We manufacture Hard-Line in IPS 1 ¼- to 10-inch diameters. Hard-Line is made of PE4710 HDPE pressure material. It is typically black in color.


Sewer-Line HDPE pipe is used for reclaimed water applications in the renewables market. We manufacture Sewer-Line in IPS and DIPS  ¾ to 26-inch diameters. Sewer-Line is made of PE4710 material. It is black with green stripes for sewer applications

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